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I have a 2 year-old female hedgehog (2 years, 3 months) named Bailey who has never had any issues before this week.

Six nights ago she didn’t touch her food so I replaced it, the next night, she tipped over the food bowl and still didn’t eat – I replaced it again and after the third day I started to panic because she hadn’t been pooping either – those first two days she peed a little bit though.

It’s now been 7 days that she hasn’t been eating. Yesterday I got her to eat one kibble and 3 dried mealies, but earlier attempts with pumpkin, mineral oil, smashed food and soggy food in a pipet didn’t help either.

Assuming it was some sort of intestinal block, I tried giving her warm baths, pumpkin, massaging her tummy and mineral oil because those are what I read about doing.

Her personality hadn’t changed much but she’s stopped running on her wheel at night and she sorta slumps over a lot which she’s never ever done before.

Two days ago I noticed a bump on her underside close to her bum that I may not have noticed before, but I’m pretty sure it’s new although I can’t tell if it’s growing. I also think she might be a little shaky.

She started drinking a little water yesterday and today although not very much.

I brought her to a vet in the ER three days ago but couldn’t afford the ER fee AND x-rays ($490) so I came away with pipets to hydrate her, planning to bring her back if she appeared to be in any pain.

I’m considering biting the bullet today and taking her but does anyone know what might be going on with her? - Or anything else I can try?

Also – are x-rays conclusive for hedgies? (The exotics vet didn’t sound hopeful that the x-ray would certainly be diagnostically meaningful)


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She needs to be syringe-fed immediately, regardless of whether you go in to the vet or not. She has gone way, way too long without food - hedgehogs shouldn't even go for 2-3 days without eating before they should be syringe-fed. You can get needle-less syringes from a pharmacy, usually, if you can't stop in at your vet's and get some. They'll work better than pipets. You can either crush her kibble into dust, then mix with water (you'll need to mash it again after mixing, and possibly put it through a strainer to make sure it'll go through the syringe), you can get canned food (if you do go to the vet for syringes, ask for Hills A/D or Carnivore Care), or you can use baby food. Chicken or turkey and sweet potato work for emergencies. Here's our sticky on syringe-feeding with more tips - http://www.hedgehogcentral.com/foru...yringing-tutorial-syringe-feeding-sticky.html

It's essential that you get food into her ASAP. Even if it's daytime now, wake her up and get some food into her, as much as you can. However much she eats, say 3ml, then you'll wait 3 hours to feed her again. She's going to need to be fed round the clock right now until she can get some strength back.

I wouldn't worry about getting to the vet just yet. If you guys have a regular vet, go ahead and book an appointment for as soon as you can get her in. But right now, the most important thing is to get food into her. Make sure she stays warm as well.
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