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1st time Hedgehog owners and loving it!

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Well we are finally settled at home after the holidays with our new family members! Huff and Puff, 3 and a half month old brother and sister we got at a pet store, were X-mas presents for our daughters. Of course I am still learning tons about these guys even though I read a book about them before we purchased them. Anyhow my husband and I are just enamored with them, we had no idea how wonderful they were going to be. Huff is a little anti-social still, takes him a minute or two to get out of his little ball and he still is a little "huffy" but he is very curious and likes to cuddle at times. Puff is so social, loves our girls and isn't as "private" as Huff about running on her wheel during the day, and always sniffing the air when someone walks by her cage. Anyhow I will get some pics up soon, but I just wanted to say thanks to this site. I was able to answer so many of my question by searching the posts and have changed many things that the pet store told us over to things you have suggested that are healthier, and more comfortable for the little guys.
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Congrats on the hedgies!

Though... I do have to ask...
Were they housed together at the pet store? Or was the female housed with other females? Or did the pet store just not know?

I ask this because if the hedgies were all housed together, there is a very high possibility that the female is pregnant.
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