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If she's quilling, it makes a lot of sense that she's grumpy. It's kind of like teething, and not so comfortable for them. And sometimes she just won't be in the mood. I've had my girl for half a year, and some days she just wants me to leave her alone so she can sleep. Other days, she is much more curious and playful.

Try watching a TV show while she sits in your lap (let her hide in a blanket or your sweater). She'll get more used to your scent and voice, while also spending more than 15 mins w you. She might also be balled up when you take her out because there's nowhere else to hide. She might be more willing to relax if there is something she can explore or go under/in and out of. Hedgies just want to be somewhere dark and warm, lol.

As for the leggings - my hedgie tugs at mine sometimes too. (I think with those specific leggings, she's just really interested in the particular fabric. She sometimes tugs on things to move them as well.) But it could easily be a scent on the leggings. Hedgehogs explore with their mouths and have very sensitive noses.

If the treats have shown any promise, try giving her other varieties (different kinds of insects, veggies, baby food, etc). My hedgie is quite comfortable sitting in my hands when she is eating chicken baby food off my fingers! Haha. It's also a good way to see what kinds of things she might like, and she'll have the stimulus of trying something new. You might not want to give her treats every day, however, especially once she is closer to her adult size and does not need as much fat in her diet.

But yeah, at the end of the day, it can take months to get your hedgie comfortable with you. And even when she knows you better and trusts you, she still might not show any sort of enthusiasm for being woken up/taken out. It's normal hedgie behavior. They really can't see well and have very few defenses - they can't immediately tell that a sudden noise or movement isn't a predator. As far as the balling up constantly, I do think that consistent handling and a consistent schedule will help her get a little more comfy and used to the new situation! Good luck :)
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