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You are doing great so far, and I understand the cat struggle all too well...
I have a couple of quick tips for bonding with Princess Quilla.

1. When you are watching television use either a snuggle bag or a seamless blanket of some sort to bond. She may hiss and pop a bit at first, but a lot of hedges love to snuggle into something warm and burrow away.

2. When she is on the floor sit next to her. Not right beside, but in close proximity. She'll eventually figure out that you're not as threat.

3. You can always try the T-Shirt method. Sleep in a shirt for a couple of days and put it in her cage. She'll get used to your smell and become less scared.

About the biting on the legging-Prudence does this too. She likes to tug on any kind of fabric (rug, shirt, shoes, laces etc.) and likes to explore with her mouth. I'm not sure why she does it, but I would recommend taking extra care to make sure Princess Quilla only bites things that are hedgehog proof.

Good luck with your little bundle of quills!
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