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hmm.. Do you know the person who made the .gif? I mean, they could DEFINITELY email them and ask them to take it down.. Or maybe they can work out a trade.. They link to his website (if he has one) and gives him credit.

I can tell by looking at their website that its not professionally done, so they probably did just type in HEDGEHOG GRAPHIC into google and just right clicked to save it and didnt think twice about it.. I do web design and i occasionally "borrow" certain graphics, but its never somthing that unique. I borrow things like backgrounds and buttons..

Well, i know they are a good site, and they have good customer service. I bought some stuff from them and when it got to me it looked like something poked through the box AND the packaging (probably done by the post office) and they completely replaced it for me, and i didnt need to ship the damaged one back.> AND it came to me OVERNIGHT mail.
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