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wont eat
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  1. Diet and Nutrition
    So, i have snowball on "under the sun, grain free, indoor formula, chicken cat food" she hasnt had any problems with it and seems to like it. I have tried introducing new foods like bugs, fruits, veggies, etc. She wont eat anything but catfood. Ive tried live, fresh killed, and dried mealworms...
  2. Diet and Nutrition
    Ok so before anyone asks :), we just got back from the vet. This is Vannesa's second vet visit in a week. She was a breeding hedgehog but she never had babies. She is about a year old and I adopted her. She had not been eating well at the breeding facility for about a month. Not eating what the...
  3. Diet and Nutrition
    Hello, I brought my baby Charlie (just over 8 weeks old) home Monday night and he won't eat much more than a few bites of food that the breeder gave me. (I have tried contacting the breeder but they haven't gotten back to me) I tried wetting the food and he ate a few more bites than he did the...
1-3 of 4 Results