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  1. WHS (Wobbly Hedgehog Syndrome)
    Hi, I've had Alfred now for nearly 2 years, it's his second birthday in two days. He's relatively healthy, but he does have WHS, but its not that bad and and he is on meds for it. Recently, like this has only happened three times now, when hes sleeping and hes on his back, he'll go a very very...
  2. WHS (Wobbly Hedgehog Syndrome)
    Hello everyone! I have a 2 1/2 old Hedgehog named Miko and he's my pride and joy! Today, literally only today, he was acting slightly off when I went to clean his cage. I had sewn felt pouches for him to sleep in and he's used them since he was a baby, and it's common for him to get 'upset'...
1-2 of 2 Results