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  1. Babies
    She is a 6 month old African pigmy with all white fur and quills save for a spot on her rear. She is comfortable around people and loves to explore. I unfortunately can’t care for her anymore as I’m starting college, so I’m hoping to find her a good home!
    $200 USD
  2. Color Help
    What color is the term "high white"? I received pictures from my breeder today of two girls I am able to chose from and she described one of them as "grey high white" but when I look at the color guide on this forum I am unable to find this terminology. I am aware that their color can change...
  3. Health
    I got this hedgehog from someone and he has white bumps on him. Like large zits or something. I could not find anything online that looked anything like it, including on this site. I do not know how old he is. He was not handled well and was not fed well. All he eats is cat food. That's all he...
  4. Eyes
    Hello! So just tonight i noticed that my albino hedgehog had a white spot in his eye and he was trying to blink constantly with that eye. The eye with the white spot also looked bigger in comparison to his other eye. This is no puss that I can see. The little guy is 4.5 years old. Not sure...
  5. Eyes
    Hi guys. I've had my hedgehog Simba for about four years now. He's never had any health issues, but a couple weeks ago he developed this white circle on his eye. I haven't taken him to the vet, because he still runs around and acts perfectly normal. I'm starting to really get worried though...
  6. Color Help
    This is my boy Speedy, I always assumed that he was an Albino, but now it's starting to look like he's dirty, with a little bit of yellow-ish staining on his side. Could it be that he's dirty or that he's actually an Pale/Apricot Snowflake? Please help! Cheers
  7. Bleeding, Male
    Oliver has been eating a little less than regular & running a little less. I didn't think much of it until yesterday when I took him out of his cage to take him to my dads house he wasn't moving much. he just laid there in a ball with his head sticking out, completely calm & out of it. even in...
1-7 of 7 Results