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  1. Diet and Nutrition
    My hoglets are now 20 days old and I am preparing my self for the weaning process. I am aware I won't really have to do much besides the recommended crushing of kibble to make it easier for them to eat. I have been talking with a local breeder and he recommended that I remove the hoglets at 28...
  2. Breeding & Babies Help
    I have a first time mom that has been a great mom few hiccups (carting babies around at 2 weeks but with suggestions of my mentor breeder got her calmed down and settled again) with no further issues All has been well until recently as mom seems to be attempting to wean babies She will spend...
  3. Breeding & Babies Help
    Posted this in Behaviour forum as well, but hoping the breeding experts would help me with this... So, I pseudo-unexpectedly got a second hedgie. The pet store where I usually get Misha's crickets had a litter of hedgehogs, and one of them was the smallest runt I've ever seen. Easily 1/4 the...
1-3 of 4 Results