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  1. Health
    There are small, brown bug eggs inside of my hedgehog’s “Frisco Gravity Refill Pet Waterer”, with the design I’m unable to reach inside and clean them out, water doesn’t wash them away either. Any way to safely remove them? Or should I look into buying a new waterer tomorrow?
  2. Housing & Accessories
    Hello! I’ve been using a tiny bowl from my kitchen as a water bowl for the longest time. Today I finally went out and bought my hedgie, Cassie, a real water bowl! It has a rim that kind of curves and I want to make sure she can access the water easily. Thanks!
  3. General Questions
    Greetings! I have a little 5 month old male named Crash who is just the sweetest! He's made being a first-time Hedgie owner a real adventure and totally worth the time and effort! The only bit that I seem to be having trouble with is teaching him how to use a water dish. He's quite...
  4. Health
    I just bought a female hedgehog yesterday! She is 10 weeks old and very sweet. I've been feeding her cat food as I read hedgehog food is crap. She's been eating it fine but I can't tell if she's drinking her water out of a bowl, and I put mealworms in her food dish and she hasn't noticed. She...
  5. General Questions
    Hi, all! So I originally had a bottle for Loretta, but noticed she started biting it so I switched to a bowl. I feel like she drinks more out of the bowl and isn't risking her teeth, which is great, but she dirties it so quickly (usually stepping in it with dirty feet or somehow dipping fleece...
  6. Respiratory Infections
    Hi guys, Butters is currently being treated for URI and because it's his first time being sick I just have a few questions. He had a hibernation scare recently and since then I've gotten him a better heating system. Shortly after the hibernation attempt I noticed he was sneezing so I brought...
1-6 of 6 Results