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  1. Heating
    Hey everyone, So as the days are getting colder I am getting concerned that my hedgehogs heating pad is not enough to warm her. Does anyone have any suggestions of the types of heat lamps I could buy for her? Any brands that you prefer? What kind of bulb? What wattage? Thank you all <3
  2. Heating
    Hi all, I've decided that when I do eventually get a hedgie, I'll have a Ferret Nation. But I have a couple of questions: For heating the cage, should I use a 150w or a 100w CHE? Or two 100w CHEs? My house is 68°F right now, but it gets warmer in the summer. Also, how would I keep the...
  3. Hibernation
    Have you guys found ceramic heaters successful at preventing hibernation? I just got one for my new hedgie but I'm unsure if it's really doing much. He's still a baby so he stays hidden a lot so it's a bit tough to tell the difference between sleepy and lethargic.
1-3 of 3 Results