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  1. Bleeding, Female
    My little one, Artemis, is just over five years old; two weeks ago, I noticed two spots of blood in her dig box, quickly followed that night by a lot of blood in her urine. We went to the vet the next day, who recommended 14 days of antibiotics with a follow up appointment for ultrasound and X...
  2. Health
    Hi, I'm fairly new to this forum. My little girl is only 1 year and 4 months and just yesterday I found blood in her cage. I called the vet and got her in this morning to see a vet. After multiple tests she has been diagnosed with Uterine cancer. She couldn't see if it had spread or not. It...
  3. Bleeding, Female
    Hi all, Around two weeks ago, I walked in to my room to find a cage with blood in my hedgehog's bedding. I rushed Ginny to the vet and they gave her antibiotics to treat a UTI, but it hasn't worked. Last night I called the breeder where I've gotten all my hedgies from and she told me that if the...
1-3 of 3 Results