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  1. General Questions
    So lately my 1 month old hedgie has been acting strangely when I hold her. This always seems to happen when she's on her back, tucked into a ball. She'll start twitching, almost like a hiccup or muscle spasm, and it scared me pretty bad the first time! Usually I just flip her back over and it...
  2. WHS (Wobbly Hedgehog Syndrome)
    My hedgehog look like it had a seizure last night. I only say this because of the twitching and unresponsive plus she foamed a bit from mouth. She seemed to be gasping for air but was still breathing just really weirdly. Her limbs were twitching but wasn't able to walk, open her mouth, or get...
  3. Health
    I'm very worried about my hedgehog. Tonight I held her for awhile in a fleece blanket and she was calm and normal and I put her back for two hours. I brought a cup of Luke warm water to clean a slightly bloody back toe nail:(. (I think it might be caused from excessive scratching from giving her...
1-3 of 3 Results