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  1. Cages
    I have a top-entry cat litter box from CleverCat that I think will work perfectly for housing a hedgehog both permanently or temporarily. (link at the bottom) I really like it, becasue . . . ** It's anti-microbial and designed to be used for urine and poop. ** It's 15" tall. ** It's interior is...
  2. Heating
    Hi i got my sweet penny one week ago. The breeder sold her to me with a tub as a cage. I figured in Texas heat and the fact that I am a college student who keeps her home warm to save money she would be warm enough but she's not. I currently have a heating pad under her cage for short term...
  3. Cages
    Hi! I just baught a large tub for my future hedgie. I was just sortof worried because it is bold blue color, not a clear tub... I have only seen people use clear ones so I was wondering if the one I have is O.K? Thanks!:)
1-3 of 3 Results