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  1. Diet and Nutrition
    Anyone have any ideas of store bought treats?
  2. Diet and Nutrition
    I'm reasearching Hedgehogs really hard, before I get mine, but I need to know what to feed my baby as a treat. I already know what regular food to give him/her, but again, I don't know what to give as a treat!
  3. Diet and Nutrition
    So I have finally found something other than her kibble that Prue will eat! I just gave her half a teaspoon of my cat's wet food and she gobbled it down right away. I am excited to have found something else that she will eat, but have a few questions. 1. It is called Purina Pro-Plan Veterinary...
  4. Diet and Nutrition
    Hello everyone! :) So I know my little girl is pretty picky with food and so far doesn't like any fresh fruit or veggies other then spinach and blueberries so I though i'd try looking for other treats and fruit and veggie based food for her at the pet store. I found freezer dried bits or...
  5. Diet and Nutrition
    I bought some kitten milk today (it doesnt contain lactose) was just wondering if this is something you can give to a hedgie as a treat?
1-5 of 7 Results