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  1. Toys
    hello! do you guys have any suggestions for toys my hedgehog could use? i'm about to buy him a wheel but should i buy him more toys? this is currently all he has, he poops and pees on the right place, he likes to run around my room (i made sure there aren't places he could escape or sneak in)...
  2. Toys
    Hi! Um, I just found this site today and i figured it wouldn't hurt to ask around. I have a Four Toed Hedgehog named Itty Bitty (he's about eighteen months old) and i'm wondering if it's okay to give him a toy that has catnip in it (Its a stuffed sloth). I tried to google it but i got a bunch of...
  3. Hedgehog Personality and Behaviour
    Me again. My son bought some other items when his grandmother took him hedgehog supply shopping. I was looking acouple items over and I'm not sure they are safe for our future hedgehog. Please let me know. If the litter shouldn't be used please let me know what kind you guys use and like. As...
1-3 of 3 Results