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  1. General Questions
    So I have a female, young hedgehog. And For the last few months, Ive had a cup full of water with a drop or two of tree tea oil for treating my hair, And my fiance came home and thought It was regular water and used it to water my hedgie, and He watered her with it for two nights before I saw...
  2. Eyes
    I got my hedgehog 3 years ago and stopped using anything with tea tree oil in it because I read that is toxic to hedgehogs. But something I am wondering is... 1) is it toxic if it is in an ointment that I use for my horse (that has a bunch of different oils and essential oils in it), but then...
  3. Health
    So my dad was playing with Venera tonight and she starting licking his fingers and anointing. I didn't even think that he probably had the oil on his hands but turns out he did. It wasn't wet, it had dried, but I am still really worried about Venera. What do I do?
1-3 of 3 Results