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  1. Feet and legs
    Hi, I have an apointment booked at the vets for Wednesday morning but I was wondering what peoples thoughts were. I recently cut Watson's nails, I didn't notice his foot was swollen when I cut them, but the next day I noticed it looked bigger. So i'm not sure if it is that. I have been bathing...
  2. Feet and legs
    I've had my little Hank for about 6 months now. He's about a year old. He refuses to stay in his home and use his wheel, he hurts himself trying to get out! So we keep the bedroom very clean, so he can run all over the floor. Our vet told us to keep an eye on his feet just in case he gets...
  3. Feet and legs
    Hi, My hedgehog Cookie is just alittle over a year now and I have been experiencing problems since the first week I brought her. I believe the cause of this problem is to do with the breeder. I brought a male previous to buying my little girl and within the first week he was taken to the vets...
1-3 of 3 Results