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sudden death
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  1. Health
    Hi guys, Sadly my baby Harvey passed away suddenly tonight. I went to go change out his bedding and found him not moving. I thought maybe he was hibernating as my apartment was rather cold, around 65, so I tried heating him up with my blowdryer on low since he loves that thing and I got some...
  2. Health
    Hey guys, On Tuesday, March 8th, 2016, I woke up to the news that my beautiful Cierra, a brown reverse pinto, passed away. A little background before I get into the gist of why I'm here: When I adopted my 2 year old Cierra 3 weeks ago Tuesday, she was 900g and a mother to 2 litters and foster...
  3. General Questions
    I hope this is the right category. My 5.5 month old male hedgie Frankenspine suddenly died Saturday. I'm absolutely devastated and all I can do is cry. I have no idea why. I hadn't taken him out since Wednesday night/Thurs morning because one of my ferrets was deathly ill (some sort of virus...
1-3 of 3 Results