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  1. Grooming
    I just got my new hedge Domino a little over two weeks ago but she’s about a year old. Her back nails desperately need a cut; they get caught on her blankets and they can’t be comfortable to run with. The problem is she’s not comfortable with me yet and doesn’t particularly like being held or...
  2. General Questions
    Hello! Background info: So, my hedgehog, Dexter, is about 14 weeks. I got him when he was about 12 weeks because I was moving to a new place, so the breeder kept him on hold for me from 8 weeks, when I normally would have gotten him. He is my first hedgehog. Anyway, I have noticed (he has...
  3. Feet and legs
    Help! I am a new hedgie owner as I got Harley 2 weeks ago. He is about 2 months old! I love him already!!! But anyways, he is quite the explorer and everytime i try to clip his nails i cant manage to because he is never still! or he is running away somewhere to explore. Im not sure if I should...
1-3 of 3 Results