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  1. General Questions
    Hi! Halloween is comiing and I was asking myself if we can dye the spines of a hedgehog, for exemple blue, to make it look like sonic. If yes do you know if we need to use a specific type of Hair dye? how do we procede??? Thanks for answering me!!! <3
  2. Health
    My male hedgehog is almost a year old now and I've been noticing white crust on his blankets and he has a thick white coating on it on a few of his spines on his forehead. I bathed him and couldn't get it off. I was reading up and heard this may be mites? Or even sperm? Any ideas???
  3. Quills
    Hi, I'm a new hedgehog owner and got turbo a few weeks ago, I was told he is roughly a year old. After settling in well I have recently noticed he isn't being as sociable as he was a couple weeks back, although he's always been a bit of a grump... instead of running around my room for ages he...
  4. Health
    Please bare with me I really need some advice to help a little hedgehog! My husband and I rescued a very little baby hog over a year ago. He could barely walk, covered in ticks and alone. In the country where we live the attitude towards all animals is fairly brutal so for a little hedgehog he...
  5. Quills
    Hi! My hedgehog is around eight months old and is losing quills right now. He had an adult quilling around two months ago, and I know for sure that it wasn't mites or anything like that. That stopped awhile ago, and just yesterday i noticed that his quills were falling out again, and even when i...
1-5 of 5 Results