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  1. Health
    Hi everyone, I've finished building my hedgehog new cage this evening, I did it by moving a panel of an aquarium I don't use anymore, and to do so I had to use silicon to make it stay where it's needed. This silicon is one of those not-toxic for fishes, but it is obviously smelling a little...
  2. Liners & Cage bedding
    [SIZE="4"]So, I just bought this newly-bought store fleece blanket and I'm thinking if I should wash it first or is it fine as is? It smells like a department store and its not too strong for a human but would my hedgehog be bothered?
  3. Cages
    hello! recently my hedgies cage has been smelling really bad :sad: i was his cage and his sheets every week but the smell comes back the next day. I have no time during the week to clean it. Any suggestions on how to keep the odor down?
  4. Health
    Hello, I am a somewhat novice hedgie owner. I have had my first ever hedgehog for a little over two years, and he will be three years old this month. I know they live 3-5 years in captivity so I know he is probably more prone at this point to falling ill. The Problem: I recently notice my...
  5. Liners & Cage bedding
    not loving the sell of pee my little girl is giving me :( i will start using linens as soon as i get them and will be trying to litter train her (very soon). but he cage in the mean time is smelling really bad. I was just trying to figure out what exactly I can use to clean her cage, rid of the...
  6. General Questions
    Hello Everybody So are adding a new member to our little family, PINELOPE (with an 'i' not an 'e') So im super excited to have her join us as I've never had a girlie hedge before, and now my boyfriend can't complain i dress her up too girlie. i wanted to ask a question that a lot of people...
  7. Hedgehog Personality and Behaviour
    So, it's been a month now with Betsy and she stills curls up in a ball and hisses when I hold her :( I have a shirt in there and she sleeps in it, but she just doesn't seem to associate it with me :( And honestly, I have been so discouraged lately that I haven't held her in two days because I...
1-7 of 7 Results