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  1. Skin
    My hedgehog Connor Chestnut is coming into his third week with us and is unfortunately pretty sick. He was surrendered to us through the HWS by a family that could no longer care for him, but had treated him very well and told us everything they could. We knew he was getting over an ear...
  2. Skin
    I adopted a severely neglected Hedgie and have been trying to get him back to health. While giving him a bath, I noticed a red lump on his skin and saw that it had something sticking out of it and was bleeding! He had mites, so is it a product of the infestation? (A quill is also growing out of it)
  3. Health
    OK so, my hedgie Beatrice is a hot mess. I rescued her from someone who couldnt take care of her and bought her from a shady breeder. She had some pretty bad quill loss when i took her in, but she had seen a vet twice for it already, been medicated for mites, and then for a yeast infection. When...
  4. Health
    My hedgie is about 2.5 years old. He fell into hibernation because of the climate change, his cage is moved from where it was. But since he woke up from it, he hasn't ate or drank by himself. He can't walk. He's like a tripod, only using 3 feet. The other leg that he isn't using moves, but it's...
1-4 of 4 Results