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  1. Fecal & Intestinal issues
    Out of pure curiosity, what is the ideal color, size, and texture for hedgehog poop?
  2. General Questions
    This is my third year with Lola. I got her as a retired breeder when she was about a year old and I thought she was a large hedgehog at the time, but I was in for a treat. She was about 19oz (538 grams) when I first got her. I didn't weigh her for a while because I didn't think she was getting...
  3. Cages
    I found my old vivarium which is 36" x 14.5" is that too small? Would the length be ok (36") if I made the width (14.5") wider?
  4. Cages
    Hi all! I've recently purchased a baby hedgie, and I'm going to pick him up next week (YAY!). However, after I sent the breeder a picture of my habitat (an 8sq/ft C&C cage with a top and coroplast on the sides to prevent climbing) she said that it was much too large, and that "smooth-brained"...
  5. Breeding & Babies Help
    I don't mean to be a bother on the forums... But Yue's runty passed away yesterday at 4 weeks old and it's got me quite neurotic about the other two. Both are strong and fluffy at 4 weeks and a little bit, and they're starting to chow out of mommy's food bowl (and anointing with the food...
  6. General Questions
    Ok, this is clearly a weird question because I have spent a lot of time on Google and cant find the answer. Me and my wife were having a "discussion" about the size of our hedgehogs heart. She is 310 grams. Does anyone know? I think its maybe the size of my pinky fingernail, she thinks its...
  7. Wheels
    Hi guys! I've had my hedgehog for over a year now and shes a fairly large girl, not just in the "fluffy" sense, but just actually a large hedgehog. I used to own a CSBW but the largest size (10.5"currently) is too small for her now. I know there are lots of instructables and DIY's on how to...
  8. General Questions
    So I recently came across an issue of me moving and having A LOT less of space. I created a thread about this and got turned onto the option of a Ferret Nation Cage. In which I really like!! But I am uncertain on which and also how to modify, I know I don't need to modify, but I want my babies...
  9. General Questions
    Alright, so I am moving to University in the fall, and I am taking both Kiwi and Avocado. Unfortunately, in the apartment that I signed a lease for, I have a SUPER tiny room! I also have three roommates, so basically no space... Would it be alright to have them in a small(ish) cage (containing a...
  10. Cages
    Is a cage that is 20 by 40 inches big enough for a hedgehog? It is the cage that I was given with Luis, and I know that it seems large to me, but I have never owned a small pet before. I take him out a couple times a day, but should I get him a larger cage?
  11. Cages
    I'm getting a baby hedgie soon and just want to check that a 2 cube x 2 cube cage would be large enough? Also is it better to use zip ties or connectors and is making a stand from cubes stable? Thanks!
  12. Wheels
    Hi, guys! I'm just a little worried Palm's wheel is too small. I just want him to be comfortable! Thanks for your input!
1-12 of 12 Results