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  1. General Questions
    I've had my hedgehog, Chestnut, for about 2 months now (she is around 3 months old), and I believe that she has been in some stage of quilling since I got her, but now I'm not sure. When I first got her, she was losing a few quills a day, then she started to lose around 20 a day. These days...
  2. General Questions
    Hi everyone, I am new on here, and to having a hedgehog. I adopted Zara when she was six weeks old, she is now 9 weeks old, and seems to be doing very well. The only thing is... is that when I get zara out to play, she runs around for little bit, and crawls through her tunnels, but then she will...
  3. Quills
    I was wondering how many, or if they do at all per day/week. Since so many people post odd answers, either yes or no's. My hedgie has been shedding some quills, but is stable and healthy, no signs of mites. Is it because of stress? It will be a week of having her here tomorrow.
1-3 of 3 Results