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  1. Cages
    I'm considering a hedgehog, but my parents said I'm not allowed to keep it in my room (my mum is a clean freak). My dad has an office attached to our garage, would that be a suitable place to keep the cage? Unlike the actual garage, the office has windows and is very clean (I wouldn't say our...
  2. General Questions
    Hi, is it alright to have a heat lamp sitting directly on the wire top of my cage? As opposed to making a set up or rigging a stand where the lamp would hang above the cage. Will putting it directly on top make the metal bars extremely hot or anything? thank you for any help! :):D
  3. Cages
    I just have to share this enormous cage... Our hedgehog used to have a decent cage but as she started growing, my husband decided to "make something bigger". This entire thing takes up half our room :))) We'll be adding more stuff - a sand pool and a little hiding place here and there. I am just...
  4. Cages
    This is my cage set up so far. I'd love suggestions and opinions of what could be better! I'm getting my baby Thursday morning. Do you think I need to add more stuff to the cage? I have the dig box, and I'm able to get more tubes and such before Thursday. I don't want her to be bored or feel...
  5. Cages
    Hi guys! I just finished setting up Basch's new cage. I still have to build the stand and the lid. It is undergoing heat testing right now, as I want to make sure the CHE is working properly with the new thermostat. Anyway, here are the pics! ^_^ ps I threw a pic of Basch during play pen time...
  6. Cages
    I have until the second week of january to get a complete cage set up and i have most things so far...For christmas my mother kindly bought me some small things but because it was a suprise i didn't have any say in which items were bought. I was just wondering if what i do have is ok? It all...
1-6 of 7 Results