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  1. Adults
    Pet baby hedgehog, I am going to dorm in college and none of my friends will take care of him. Comes with everything including extra food and bedding. Super easy to take care of and super friendly, he just has to get used to your sent first. I got him only a month ago from NJ Exotic Pets. I'm...
  2. Igloos, Bags & Sleeping options
    I was holding my hedgie, FloraJane, inside my sweatshirt at my desk. But then I had to get up and do things. I know there are bonding snuggle sacks that you can wear around your neck or carry on your shoulder, but what if I need both hands and don't want the extra bulk around my neck? I thought...
  3. Igloos, Bags & Sleeping options
    Hi guys! Hope you don't mind, but I was wondering if you'd give me a quick opinion! I'm thinking about making and selling tents like the one I have on Etsy. I was just wondering if any of you think you would buy something like this? I don't want to make one if no one will buy it :D Thanks so...
1-3 of 4 Results