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  1. Health
    I'm asking this for a very special person, her hedgie makes this very weird almost crying noise when she's in her "bed" ( ) she also has a weird "scratch" and a little "lump" under her eye .. she's eating and drinking normally and she doesnt make the noise outside her house, what could it be?
  2. General Questions
    I just found this spot on my hedgehog; I just took her to the vet for her squinty eye and mites a couple days ago on Thursday. I was given ofloxacin for her eye scratch and revolution for her mites (i don't know if either of these meds could have contributed so I'm including them). So she has...
  3. Skin
    My nine month old hedgehog got loose when my mom left her out over night in a play pen. We found her yesterday night and she has a little scratch on her muzzle. It doesn't seem to bother her and it seems to be healing fine. Does this seem normal or is there anything we can do to help her