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  1. Housing & Accessories
    I have a nice little storage room in my townhouse. It is always warmer in that room than the rest of the house no windows. There's a plug in for my hedgie's heating lamp. The only thing I am curious about is whether or not being in the same room as my furnace could be frightening for my hedgie...
  2. Heating
    I am getting my first hedgie, Ian, tomorrow. I set up my cage and heating set up last night and I have a question about it. His cage is at the end of my bed and has a complete CHE set up (lamp, thermometer, thermostat). Is it ok for me to sleep with my fan on low?
  3. Housing & Accessories
    Hi, I currently have a pretty good cage set-up, but I'm worried that it's just a tiny bit too small. I have two 54 qt (about 24x16") sterilite bins hooked together with PVC pipe, and it seemed roomy at first, but after I put the wheel in (which takes up almost all of one of the sides) and her...
1-3 of 3 Results