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  1. Skin
    After making a post about the possibility of mites affecting my Kiwi (2.5 month old hedgie, she is still quilling), I've taken her to the vet and they have ruled out mites but have given her the appropriate amount of Revolution to prevent mites and worms/parasites. It has been around 6 days...
  2. Skin
    I just recently received my hedgie, Saruman (had to do a name change from "Tickles") close to a month ago, with no background on him, or any experience owning one. Previous owner told me he was a she, if that tells you anything...:confused: Since being able to interact with him more often and...
  3. Feet and legs
    I just noticed what look's like an infected toe/toenail on Mali's back foot today when I went to cut her nails. I haven't checked her feet in a week or so, so not sure how long it's been. She isn't having any trouble running, though, and doesn't seem to favor it at all. I gave her a long foot...
  4. Skin
    I just got my little benny out of his cage and underneath his little arm is a red swollen patch! I'm really worried it's really red and it seems like he is in pain. Please help! Is this normal? And what should I do to help him?
  5. Skin
    Hi. My little hedgie, Bilbo, has a red, rash-like area on his snout underneath his nose. I just noticed it today. There didn't appear to be anything else unusual on his skin and his behaviors is completely normal. Anyone have any idea what this could be from? Thank you so much for your help :)
  6. Skin
    My Hedgehog has developed 2 red spots on his side. I am very worried & hoping to get some help!
  7. Skin
    Hi everyone! My hedgehog Pigwidgeon will be 3 at the end of March. He has had a red pump on his leg for at a least a couple months. It has so far stayed the same size. It is hard and is in his skin (it moves when I move the skin). It is right above his joint. I've inspected him and his skin...
  8. Health
    I just received my hedgehog a few days ago now. He has been scratching quite a bit since we first got him and when we did, he had a blanket in there. I thought maybe that would harbor mites. Also, his rear and underbelly is sort of red, rather than pink. Please help. If you need pictures, i can...
1-8 of 9 Results