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  1. Health
    Hello! I noticed some red spots on my hedgehog yesterday that doesn't really seem to bother him but they concern me. I don't think he has mites because he doesn't scratch a lot and I use fleece as his bedding. He is a month and a half old so he is quilling right now and have some grumpy...
  2. Skin
    Hey yal. Ive had my hedgehog (Barry) for a little over two weeks, which makes him about 10 weeks old. When I got him he had a small amount of dry, red skin behind his ear and above his right eye where the quills begin to form. After an oatmeal bath about 80% of the dryness started to get better...
  3. Skin
    My hedgie Nina has these red spots and they're open.... i noticed it a few days ago but it was not as bad so i gave her a bath and put some vitamin E oil on it.. the next day it seemed to be better but it just got even worse!! i'm not sure what to do... i don't even know what it's from but i'm...
  4. Skin
    HELP can anyone help me identify what is this red spot, and how do i solve it? my hedge is about 5 months old i cant go to the vet, as hedgehog is not legal in my country please help me out, any input would be greatly appreciated :)
1-4 of 4 Results