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  1. Heating
    Hi everyone i just recently got a hedge but as I am waiting for my thermostat control, I was wondering do i leave my CHE lamp on all day for my hedge? or just at all night? He is currently in a 8 sq. ft. C&C grid layout in a room that is always warm due to a radiator that is always on. ( My...
  2. General Questions
    My hedgehog just had her litter for the first time and i'm just really curious if there are considerations to it
  3. General Questions
    Hello there! I am about to get a hedgehog as a graduation gift. I put in my time and research, looked over the proper diet, and I'm now getting all the essential supplies for my new critter. Although, I am still confused on some things. It would be greatly appreciated if someone can answer these...
  4. General Questions
    Hi! My hedge hog, Hugo was just brought home 🏠 last night. He is 4 months. He was eating yesterday perfectly fine but I'm not sure if he has drank any water. Does anybody know if they're most likely to drink in the dark? Or how to tell if they are dehydrated? Also, question #2. Even if my...
1-4 of 4 Results