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  1. Health
    My female Hedgehog has been having some issues recently. She originally was bleeding from the vaginal area, and had a swollen red belly area along with a swollen and red area near her back leg. We took her to the vet for this and he recommended some pink antibiotics. As we went through the...
  2. General Questions
    Guys I'm freaking out here! Something looks weird with my baby's eye. I've noticed it was looking more white than before but I imagined it was the eye membrane thickening on the eye, but now it is starting to get swollen, idk, it looks like pus inside. Does anyone have any idea about what this...
  3. Health
    My hedgie is about 2.5 years old. He fell into hibernation because of the climate change, his cage is moved from where it was. But since he woke up from it, he hasn't ate or drank by himself. He can't walk. He's like a tripod, only using 3 feet. The other leg that he isn't using moves, but it's...
1-3 of 3 Results