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  1. Respiratory Infections
    Hi all, My Quilly was acting weird the last week or two, and I thought it was because he didn't have a light schedule for 2 days - the light timer was broken and I didn't know it. Yesterday I brought him to the exotic vet, and they kept him overnight. Nothing was truly obvious, until they were...
  2. Health
    Sookie recently had to have her eye removed and she's still recovering from that. Last week was her follow up where I told the vet that she's been wheezing and making noises she doesn't normally make. Some of it was probably due to the fact that she now couldn't see and was disoriented and not...
  3. Health
    Hello again! So tomorrow I will have had my little Mo for a week, and we are already bffs(: I can pick him up out of his cage and he doesn't mind at all, and he loves to cuddle and explore! I have given him two foot baths since we came home last Saturday, since he doesn't seem to notice the...
1-3 of 3 Results