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  1. General Questions
    Hey guys, I'm a college student and often do a lot of my homework from 5-10pm I like to take my Macy out and put her in her playpen. It's a 5'x9' depending on how you place it. It's a smaller configuration with my layout. I put it on top of a nice fleece with her cuddle cup and a blanket over...
  2. DIY How to make your own
    So there are no suitable pens where I live and the only way would be to order off of Amazon -which is going to be way too costly for me, considering I am a student- and I thought I would make my own. If I made 40(height)x50(width) coroplast pieces and duck-taped them together so they would...
  3. General Questions
    So my university classes started and I have limited time to play with Nelly... I can take her out and let her sleep on me and all that when I'm studying but I used to have her run around in our hall supervised for 1-2 hours every night which I now can't do because of my studies... Is it ok if...
1-3 of 3 Results