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  1. Color Help
    I'm curious if i were to mate two reverse pinto hedgehogs what would their offsping colour be? I know the female has brothers that are brown. :) dos anyone have experience breeding revers pintos
  2. General Questions
    Hi! I just got a six week old pinto hedgehog and I was wondering if it is normal for her to not stick her quills down? She lets me pick her up but her quills don't go down. :confused:
  3. General Questions
    Hi, I am getting a girl pinto hedgehog and I have no idea what to call her! I'm getting her on Friday 31st October so I need names urgently! Have a look at a picture of her and any cute but not silly names (and maybe something to do with what she looks like) would be great! Thanks everyone :)
  4. Fun Stuff
    Hi! I thought I'd start a thread to post pics of Gnocchi, my wonderful pinto mealworm-loving hog... This is a picture from about a year ago, but it's one of my favorites of her sleeping on my lap: And these are a couple pictures I took about 15 minutes ago:
  5. Color Help
    I recently adopted a baby hedgehog that I was told will be a year old in August. I was told he is a Pinto Hedgehog but upon reading the color guide I'm beginning to question if perhaps the original owner was told the wrong breed? He's all white-ish yellow (very faint off white) with a white...
1-5 of 5 Results