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  1. Fun Stuff
    I can't get over how cute Pixie is. I can't stop taking photos of her. She could literally win hedgehogs top model. Absolutely love my girl. :grin:
  2. Fun Stuff
    I can't get over how cute African pygmy hedgehogs are. I've only had Pixie for a week and I am totally in love :grin:
  3. Skin
    Hi - I'm taking my hedgie Tris to the vet tomorrow for her first annual well visit - I adopted her last week. I suspect she may have skin that is a little dry, but nothing too bad. In the past month, I've been looking for examples of healthy hedgie skin to make a visual comparison. I've found...
  4. Fun Stuff
    Lets see some selfies of you and your hedgies! I'll start off :grin:
  5. Introductions
    Hey everyone! My name is Jessica, and I am a mommy to a beautiful 5 month baby girl! Her name is Gypsy, and she is so incredibly feisty. She's only been in my care since Oct. 19, so she is still very timid. I love her anyway! Just wanted to say hi. :grin: I made her an Instagram account...
  6. Fun Stuff
    I'm a first time hedgehog owner, my little hedgie baby Harvey is about nine-weeks-old he's warming up quite quickly and he's so sweet and precious. I'm so excited to have him as a new addition to our family! I've been researching and reading up on hedgehogs for two years now and finally...
  7. Fun Stuff
    today was a day of firsts for me and my new hedgehog, Yuki. for the first time since i brought him home 2 days ago, he is letting me pick him up and hold him without balling up. <333 he also got his first (brief) bath and naiil clipping today and he was better than i could have ever hoped. he's...
  8. Fun Stuff
    Holly molly getting Christmas pics was hard, at 1st he was grouchy about being awoken then wanted to chew everything. Had a heart attack when he clamped his little mouth on the Christmas light, would not let go so I unplugged it and pulled it out when he tried to eat it. Little brat.
  9. General Questions
    So this doesnt have to do with hedgehogs but I was trying to post photos in an album I just made after filling the first I made and no where on the screen was there a place to upload my pictures like there was on the first album I added. Does anyone know why this is ? or am i not allowed to post...
  10. Fun Stuff
    Hello! I've never posted on the forum before so I guess I'm new lol. I love seeing all the photos of hedgies and stories about them so I made my Brillo an Instagram! I hope to see some of you on Instagram!! follow me @brillothehedgie
1-10 of 10 Results