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  1. Fecal & Intestinal issues
    My 2 year old hedgie Mabel had a weird poo and pee tonight! Her poo has a small bit of mucus in it and has a greenish tone to it. It looks mostly brown, but some green is present. Also, she peed on my blanket and I noticed some white mucus stuff that I’ve never seen before. When I cleaned her...
  2. General Questions
    I got a new hedgehog about a week ago now. I had him out and he peed and it looked fine, but then when he moved there was a very light pink bit in his pee. Is this blood?? Should i get him to the vet??
  3. Health
    I had Venera out on the bed when she decided that she needed to pee. No big deal, sheets can be washed and mattresses can be scrubbed. After she peed (I'm not sure of the color because it was on blue patterened sheets) I lifted her up and she was dripping white, frothy, foamy stuff. I haven't...
  4. Health
    Hi everyone :) I just got back from going to my parent's house for four days. I left Gilbert with my boyfriend. We got Gilbert situated in boyfriend's bedroom. Gilbert's cage is the same, along with all his toys etc. My boyfriend told me Gilbert hasn't been pooping or peeing the normal amount...
  5. General Questions
    I have a 4 1/2 month old hedgie named Nora, I've been finding it hard to take her out of the cage to play because she never stops pooping. All she seems to do is eat and poop, its like a cycle for her. Therefore I can never have her out to play because she poops and pees everywhere. I don't know...
1-5 of 6 Results