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  1. Feet and legs
    Hello, First time poster, really made this because I have no idea what to do. My hedgehog fell out of my hands at about table height and landed on its back. She was hissing a lot what seemed to be in pain. While she was in a ball she kept kicking her leg but couldn't fully conceal/ pull...
  2. Feet and legs
    I have a hedgehog that just came in as a rescue who is paralyzed from her back hips and down. We are under vet care and I'm not looking for medical advice or 'vet now!' comments. :) What I'm looking for is advice on quality of life ideas from anyone else who has worked with a paralyzed...
  3. Feet and legs
    My 3 month old female hedgie has had a ton of energy and has a fearless personality. She usually plays on the coffee table so she can't get into anything. Suddenly overnight Tuesday, her back legs became like....paralyzed from her "knees" down. Worse on the left because she can sometimes use...
1-3 of 3 Results