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  1. General Questions
    We moved my hedgie's enclosure inside our room since we were worried about leaving her in the living room every night. We decided to open the gate of her enclosure here inside the bedroom and let her roam around at night. But recently, she's been running around, back and forth on the same area...
  2. General Questions
    Hey guys, I'm a college student and often do a lot of my homework from 5-10pm I like to take my Macy out and put her in her playpen. It's a 5'x9' depending on how you place it. It's a smaller configuration with my layout. I put it on top of a nice fleece with her cuddle cup and a blanket over...
  3. Hedgehog Personality and Behaviour
    Hi there! Glenn is just over 10 weeks old now. We brought her home 2 weeks ago. She's got a healthy appetite, is starting to bond and be more comfortable with me and my husband, sleeps on my lap in her sack for an hour or 2 a day, and though she doesn't really sit still - she's okay with being...
1-3 of 3 Results