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  1. Health
    Remis dropped a little while ago but went back up, now its dropped again. She seems to eat only half of the food i give her each night. I just changed her food too, at first she seemed to love it. Last week she wasn't running very much but after a had her weekly deep cleaning and weighing, when...
  2. Wheels
    After an unsuccessful attempt with a bike odometer last week (which I bought in Walmart without knowing for sure if it had the auto on/off, which it didn't, it turns out), I purchased one online and successfully set it up last night! Since I had a bit of trouble setting it up since a lot of the...
  3. Wheels
    Hello, Pitaya (spanish for dragon fruit) is 10-12 weeks and I've had her for almost three weeks now. I can hear her running a lot every night, and I'm curious to know her speed and distances. She uses a flying saucer, can anyone of you tell me how can I atatch an odometer to her wheel? or...
1-3 of 3 Results