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  1. Skin
    Last week, my hedgehog cut her nose when she tried to escape her cage when i wasout for school. She bled on her nose and im not sure but it looks like as if it's swollen. She hasnt eaten for 3 days on her own now. But last night and today, i tried to hand feed her mushed princess cat food in...
  2. Skin
    My mother, Vixen, had 4 healthy babies aprox. six weeks ago. Two of my female babies, Zia and Nala, have eye problems. They each have a white spot in their eyes, with a little bit of red. I have a vet appointment set up for the 14th of May, but I needed your opinion on what could have caused it...
  3. Health
    Since the past week i have been noticing that the nose and mouth of my hedgehog is pink and a little swollen and i don't know what to do!:( *UPDATE* He's going to Tucson, AZ today for a Vet
  4. Color Help
    Hii i got Luge 3 years ago, he was healthy and had a black nose. When he turned around 2 years old his nose becomes completly white lol! I freaked out a little and tried to find the fallen nose skin everywhere. It wasnt anywhere. When he was 3 years old, there was 2 black spots on his nose but...
  5. Health
    Yesterday I noticed my hedgie, Harvey, had three bumps on his nose near his eyes. He also has a bump at the beginning of his spines on the right side of his forehead. I cannot get a good glimpse at the one under his spines but the one directly between his eyes has scabbed over. The ones...
  6. Skin
    Hi. My little hedgie, Bilbo, has a red, rash-like area on his snout underneath his nose. I just noticed it today. There didn't appear to be anything else unusual on his skin and his behaviors is completely normal. Anyone have any idea what this could be from? Thank you so much for your help :)
  7. Respiratory Infections
    My baby was having issues with her stool, so I took her to the vet, and now her stool is thankfully normalizing. But about 2 weeks ago she started getting a noticeably runny nose, with a kind of stuffy sounding breathing every once in a while. Everything else about her was the same, she still...
  8. Health
    Hi everyone ! I am wondering if this is cause for concern recently my hedgehog has gotten a bald spot on his nose . It's like the fur has been rubbed off I'm not sure if a trip to the vet or anything is necessary ? But I could use some opinion ... What do you guys think it is? Should he go see...
1-8 of 8 Results