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  1. General Questions
    We rescued an albino Hedgehog when he was still very young, we knew nothing about Hedgehogs at the time so I googled the basics very fast. He was VERY scared at first. He never came out of his ball for the first week or so, but that seemed to be normal considering the change in environment and...
  2. Breeding & Babies Help
    Hello! I'm new here and I am also a new hedgehog parent! I got Jolly about a month ago and we've been working on knowing eachother every day! The Petshop I got her from told me she was about 6 months old and they got her from a breeder just two days prior to the day I got her and they don't...
  3. General Questions
    Hello there! I am about to get a hedgehog as a graduation gift. I put in my time and research, looked over the proper diet, and I'm now getting all the essential supplies for my new critter. Although, I am still confused on some things. It would be greatly appreciated if someone can answer these...
1-3 of 3 Results