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new cage
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  1. Housing & Accessories
    one of my hedges is a fattie so I moved him into a bigger cage but he has started quilling, he is a year old so is this normal or from stress? also should I move him back to his old cage or leave km in the bigger one?
  2. Cages
    So hey guys. I currently have 3 hogs (soon to have 4!) and I have put ALL their cages, cage liners, the many, many toys, food/treats, even bath time stuff inside my walk in closet that is a long rectangle about 38" wide and I will have to get the length in the morning. Their current housing is...
  3. Cages
    Hey everyone!! MERRY CHRISTMAS! I get my hedgie tomorrow and I just went out today and bought the rest of the things that I'm going to need for my hedgie(I think) I just wanted everyone to take a look at my cage and tell me if there's anything I should change or get before I go to get my new...
1-3 of 4 Results