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  1. Fun Stuff
    Hey! Just wanted to see what you guys came up with during the naming process and what you decided on. I also thought it'd be a fun way to give other hedgie owners or soon-to-be owners some ideas. I almost named Soda Pop: Loki (after her mom) Peppercorn Pixie Izzy Thunderlord (I game...
  2. Fun Stuff
    So, I'll be getting my first hedgie some point later this year (I've been doing tons of research in preparation for this. Now to save money...), and I've compiled a list of names that will be narrowed down when it's time for my hedgehog search to begin! Anyway, earlier today, I was chatting...
  3. General Questions
    Hello Hedgehog Central community! I'm new here and I am getting my first hedgie very soon... This means it needs a name! I was either thinking Tundra or Nyx, please tell me your opinions on those and give me more names to choose from!:grin::)
  4. Off Topic
    Hiya! Just wondering what you've named your hedgehogs. Fun names, simple names, crazy names? :) I've named my little girl Trixie (because I got her on Halloween - Tricks, and she is small - Pixie)
  5. General Questions
    Hi, I am getting a girl pinto hedgehog and I have no idea what to call her! I'm getting her on Friday 31st October so I need names urgently! Have a look at a picture of her and any cute but not silly names (and maybe something to do with what she looks like) would be great! Thanks everyone :)
  6. General Questions
    Okay, this might sound silly... I was planning on getting a baby hedgie on Saturday and naming her Piper! But I just found out they have an adult hedgehog that needs a home and is super sweet and tame already, so I have decided to get her instead. Im sure she already has a name, as she is...
  7. Fun Stuff
    So there is a very interesting story behind my new little fellow and I'm looking for a name related to gift from god, god's will, lucky one, or anything of the sort. I live in central Florida and as I'm sure everyone knows, hedgie's aren't exactly native or should remotely be running around...
1-7 of 7 Results