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  1. Hedgehog Personality and Behaviour
    I recently separated my hedgehog from her babies yesterday (they are all boys) and now she is acting weird. She started biting me when I try to interact with her, it doesn’t look like she has been eating or drinking much, and I haven’t seen any poop in her cage. She seems to be smelling around...
  2. Health
    Does anyone know of a way to find out if my hedgies babies are being fed by the mom? I can't seem to figure out a way. Any and all suggestions are greatly appreciated
  3. General Questions
    I was wondering if it would be alright for me to bathe my hoglet? She's exactly a month old today. But she smells awful. Are there any consequences to me bathing her right now? Why is it better to wait?
  4. General Questions
    Is it okay to start playing with my female hedgehog now? She gave birth three weeks ago
  5. Breeding & Babies Help
    I'll be keeping one of my hedgies babies as my own and one until my boyfriend is here to get his baby. We both each want to keep a girl ( but idk what genders the hoglets are yet ), but I was just wondering when I should take the two girls out of the mom's cage so it isn 't too cramped. The...
  6. Hedgehog Personality and Behaviour
    So I'm a new hedgie mom and I've don't my beat to make my Ambrose comfortable. But I got home and his water dish AND food dish was flipped over. I've picked him up and handled him a few times. I've had him for a week. I have a three month old son too. All he does is hide and his at me when I...
1-6 of 6 Results