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  1. General Questions
    So I am thinking about getting another hedgehog in like a month or so. I would have to convince my dad to let me(that's going to be hard!) get another one. I know that you can't house any males or females together and you shouldn't let them play with each other so they don't breed.(Not wanting...
  2. General Questions
    Hi, I have 2 male hedgehogs and was wondering can they interact with each other? I know that they should not be housed together but I was wondering if they could interact with each other when supervised? How would I know that they are fighting? Would it be too late by then and I would need...
  3. Skin
    Hello! Bo is about 8 months old and a male. I noticed recently within the last few weeks he had this "dirty" streak on his scrotum. not sure if this is normal. I've given him baths and such, it seems to be the coloring of his skin. any thoughts? Thank you!
1-3 of 4 Results