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    Hi, I am getting my baby hedgehog Quilbert from a breeder in one week, I was wondering if it would be okay to keep his cage in my laundry room. I am concerned that the noise from the washer and dryer machines might be upsetting and too loud for him? They are newer models and arent insanely loud...
  2. General Questions
    So obviously my little girl has gotta run but her wheel is so wobbly and i can hear it for about an hour or so lol does anyone know of any wheels that are silent?
  3. General Questions
    Hi, So I have an 8 month old heggie named Charlie and she makes an enormous amount of noise at night; digging and running and I read up that you can change their schedule to become daytime creatures. I was thinking of doing this but I have no clue how to do this or if it's healthy for her (or...