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  1. Health
    Posy is 11 months old female and very active. She’s slowed down eating and almost stopped eating except what I syringe feed her and maybe 6 or seven kibble a night She’s dropped 80 grams over 2 months and is now at 333g. She’s drinking water, a big runner , and the vet said her fecal test came...
  2. Health
    Hello! Any experienced hedgehog owners? I have been having ****** for about 3 years, and recently she lost quite a bit of weight. And first she had ear inflammation which was handled properly and given drops and antibiotics which subsided the inflammation and it went away. But recently after a...
  3. Health
    Ok let me start with some backstory on my boy Pumpkin. I got him from a pet store here in Japan in October 2018 and within 2 days of bringing him home, he developed a horrible URI that I really thought he was going to die from. Took him to the supposed "hedgehog expert" vet in my area and he put...
1-3 of 3 Results