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  1. General Questions
    It may, and probably is, a one time thing. I just cleaned her cage and rearranged it. When I put her back in she ran to where her food was before I moved it, ran around looking for it, it wasn’t hidden or anything she was just confused, and then ran to her litter pan and started chewing on some...
  2. General Questions
    About three days ago my hedgehog who was pregnant had a large stillborn baby. Today she had three more, all stillborn from what i can tell. Should i be worried about her having a litter of all stillborn babies? From what i know this is her first litter, I rescued her about a month ago. I am...
  3. General Questions
    I bought this litter to potty train Peggy. I'm about to use it but i'm not sure if its safe for hogs. Its for rabbits. They're called So Phresh Small Animal Training Litter with Potty-Training Pearls. Heres the link: [x]
  4. General Questions
    Hi all, I'm Picking up my new spikey bundle of joy on Sunday! She is called Marjorie and is 13 weeks old! I had a hedgehog boy a few years back, but never litter trained him. Hence, his wheel was his toilet! I wanted to try litter training Marjorie, since she will be much younger than he was...
  5. General Questions
    Hello! I have been using Fresh News paper pellet litter for my hedgehog, a rescue hog who is terribly picky and grumpy. They stopped carrying it at my petstore and switched to something that looks almost identical from National Geographic but it says it has baking soda and zeolite in it to help...
  6. General Questions
    i know theres a lot of debate about aspen bedding, im currently using fleece but i have brough 8L of aspen to help potty train. is it safe to use aspen solely in their litter box? or is it best to avoid it at all.
  7. General Questions
    Guys I'm freaking out here! Something looks weird with my baby's eye. I've noticed it was looking more white than before but I imagined it was the eye membrane thickening on the eye, but now it is starting to get swollen, idk, it looks like pus inside. Does anyone have any idea about what this...
  8. General Questions
    We have had Tucker almost 3 weeks now. We got him when he was 6 weeks old. He has taken to pooping in his house . We have a litter box for him. He has a litter pan under his wheel. He does poop when in the wheel, Have not been able to litter train him yet. Is it normal for him to poo where he...
  9. New Member Introductions
    I just put down my deposit for my new family member who will be delivered in 15 days. I have done some research and I am sure I still have a lot to learn. I will be going shopping this weekend for supplies. We will be doing the build your own cage with the corticated floors and walls so that It...
  10. Hedgehog Personality and Behaviour
    The title may be a little misleading but anyways. Ever since I've had Mohawk we've been taking her out every night and giving her some space. It is my personal opinion that this is obligatory especially for a highly energetic baby hedgehog. I used to take her out in our hall, my brother would...
  11. Housing & Accessories
    Hello! My hedgie is almost 2 years old. I'd like to change up his cage. Right now he's in a rabbit (I guess you could call it) cage. I want him to have more room. Im looking into C&C cages but need major help! How big should I make the cage? Right now he doesn't have much room to play. I did...
  12. Hedgehog Personality and Behaviour
    My hedgie is 2 years old and he for the most part does his buisness on or next to the wheel- I've always had paper towels in the area but he does sometimes go potty around the cage and I use fleece liners. is it too late to start litter training to try to get him to only go on the paper towel area?
  13. Breeding & Babies Help
    Is it normal for cages that have a litter too smell more than usual? Even after I clean it, the cage starts to smell again in a few days.
  14. Diet and Nutrition
    I want to switch my hedgie's food from Purina Pro Plan Savor Adult Chicken & Rice Formula Dry Cat Food to Natural Balance Original Ultra Whole Body Health Cat Food because it seems a lot healthier than the one I'm feeding her now. But she just gave birth to four hoglets. When should I start...
  15. Diet and Nutrition
    So recently Maximus' unripe has begun to smell quite bad. I'm feeding him Royal Canin sensitive diet cat food. He loves it and has had no issue with it for almost 8 months. But over the past month or two I've noticed he has very stinky pee. I think it may be the fish oils in the ingredient list...
  16. DIY How to make your own
    I would love to make a litter pen for my Kiwi. I want to know that he will use it before I go buy one, so I was wondering if any of yall had a good, easy diy pen. Also, I would like to use fleece for the "litter". Thanks in advance!!!:D
  17. Breeding & Babies Help
    I took a hedgie from someone I know locally who PCSed out of country. As it turns out, this little girl was expecting..as a matter of fact she's giving birth to number 5 right now. I'm obviously under prepared. I started getting suspicious when she was moving all the bedding about yesterday...
  18. Liners & Cage bedding
    Hi all, My hedgehog, Pip, is extremely messy. She isn't litter trained and constantly uses her wheel as a restroom, even though she has a Carolina Storm Wheel with a litter pan directly under it. The litter pan is filled with aspen shavings, and boy is that a mess! She sleeps in her litter pan...
  19. General Questions
    I'm just wondering what I should use as a litter pan. I've been looking around and was wondering if things like ferret litter pans are too high for the hedgie to get in? Should it be lower so it's more accessible? Any recommended products? :)
  20. Health
    My dad went out and bought the Glade scented litter for our cat and forgot about my hedgehog. I'm cleaning his cage right now, so i was just wondering if anyone knew if this litter is okay for him??
1-20 of 24 Results